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The Benefits of Working with a CPA

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A CPA Can Handle Any Size Business

Tax planning? Check. Cash flow management? Check. Acquiring financing? Check! A CPA can look at your financial situation from a 360-degree perspective. Especially in the age of the "side hustle," it's more important to know where you stand. Whether you're a freelancer or you're the CEO of a new start-up, with a CPA, you'll get the guidance you need.

You'll Get Objective, Strategic Advice

At some point, all entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners face moments when bigger financial and tax questions arise.

At pivotal moments like these, you need the right advice. And no matter where you are on the path to success, it’s important to follow solid financial management and tax planning strategies that focus on your needs today, while keeping a clear eye on the future. CPAs offer a range of services, including strategic planning, compliance reporting and financial management.

Their Knowledge is Unmatched

CPAs bring an unparalleled level of knowledge, experience and education to their small business clients. To earn and maintain their credential, a CPA has:

  • Graduated from college, often with 150 semester hours and a Master’s in Finance or Accounting
  • Passed the demanding CPA exam
  • Been licensed by a state to practice
  • Dedicated themselves to a code of professional conduct
  • Committed to 120 hours of continuing professional education every three years

Additionally, a CPA has full representation rights before the IRS. Can't beat that.

You'll Have Someone You Can Trust

Creating a relationship with your CPA is similar to establishing a trusting relationship with other professionals you rely on for objective advice, such as a doctor or attorney. You want a CPA to help you protect your interests, listen to and address your concerns and, equally important, give you peace of mind.

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